Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Maruti Suzuki Estilo: Environment Friendly!

The all new Zen Estilo, brought into the market by Maruti Suzuki, is a very environment friendly car. The five door hatchback car with a seating capacity of five people offers immense benefits to its customers. Under the hood of this wonder car lies the new generation KB10 engine. This new engine is part of KB Series developed by Maruti in collaboration with Suzuki Motor Corporation, Japan. The engine comes with three cylinders at its heart and a displacement of 998cc. The car is complaint with BSIV norms of emission and is also ELV complaint. Being an eco-friendly car, 89% of the parts used in the Zen Estilo are very environment friendly. The car does not emit any harmful gas which causes hazards in the environment. The car has defiantly come as a boon for the people of India as well as for the nature.

Equipped with 5 speed manual transmission, Maruti Estilo delivers the pure joy of driving. The car has an aerodynamic body which cuts the air current so that it travels faster and easier. Maruti Estilo has been revamped considering the needs and demands of Indian roads and for this reason it comes with a shorter wheelbase and high ground clearance. Offering improved safety than its earlier version, Suzuki Estilo comes with features like SRS Airbag on driver side, Anti Braking Sytem, Side Door Beams, High Mount Stop Lamp, Child Lock, Front Wipe and Back Door Deffogger etc. The Airbags protects the driver in case of collision while the Anti Braking System prevents the car from skidding during hard braking times.

Maruti Estilo is also high in terms of its styling and design. The interiors of the car come with tow tone color theme which gives a very vivacious feel. The seats are very comfortable and soft.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Maruti Suzuki Estilo: Most Desirable!

Maruti Suzuki has once again surprised the automobile Industry, with the re-launch of its new Zen Estilo. It is one of the best cars in the A2 segment. The earlier model of Estilo was discontinued from production but the car has made a comeback and is all set to sweep the small car segment by storm. Maruti Estilo is equipped with new features, advanced technology, smart engineering and has been given the dimensions that suits the needs of Indian roads. With features like iCAT and Anti Braking System, Estilo becomes one of the most sought after car to buy. iCAT is an intelligent security system which prevents the car from any kind of theft while the Anti Braking System prevents the car from skidding during the hard braking times.

In terms of technology, Zen Estilo has a very advanced KB10 engine in it. The light weight aluminum construction engine ensures high performance and extra fuel efficiency for the car. Along with three cylinders at its heart and a displacement of 998cc, Estilo delivers a power of 67Ps at the rate of 6700rpm and a torque of 90Nm at the rate of 3500rpm. Zen Estilo is proving very beneficial for those, who travel by car on a daily basis, since it offers a mileage of 19Kmpl on suitable driving conditions. The car requires very low cost of maintenance and is easy to drive even in slow moving city traffic.

Maruti Estilo also comes with a shorter wheelbase of 2360m and a higher torque of 165mm. The shorter wheelbase is apt for the car to take faster and sharper turns on roads while the high ground clearance is very beneficial to travel on the rougher roads and higher terrains. Further, the compact dimensions of Estilo help it nimble easily on city roads. Maruti Suzuki Estilo has everything in it that makes it the most desirable in the country.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Maruti Suzuki Estilo: Understands Customers’ Needs

Zen Estilo, the five door car from Maruti Suzuki is sweeping the small car segment by storm. The car has become a huge success among the Indian car buyers especially among the youngsters and family people. Due to its peppy looks and bold style, the car looks very marvelous and appeals to mass audience. The overall design of the car is very unique and very fresh. Zen Estilo has become a milestone in A2 segment because no other car comes in such affordable price and offers world class features. The car is priced at an approximate range of 3-4 lacs which can be easily afforded by an average car buyer. Zen Estilo is very easy to maintain and delivers high fuel efficiency. One can easily expect a mileage of 19Kmpl on the highway and 16-17 Kmpl on the slow moving city traffic. The car also churns out a power of 67Ps at the rate of 6700rpm and a torque of 90Nm at the rate of 3500rpm.

The car further comes with color- coordinated seats, dual tone dashboard with adjustable head rest for a relaxing and enjoyable riding experience. Zen Estilo has an attractive look and design. Estilo is a sober and compact car. The adjustable head restraint for the front seat is there in three variants of Maruti Suzuki Estilo including Lx, Lxi and Vxi. The beautiful and comfortable interiors of this car show how well the company understands the customers’ needs. Estilo is car for masses as the comfort offered is of the highest order. The dual tone interiors are really impressive and the space in car ensures a relaxing journey.

Maruti Suzuki Limited has come up with a car which has superb exteriors and dynamic interiors. Maruti Suzuki Estilo has become one of the most sold cars already. It has the credential to rule the whole automobile industry.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Maruti Suzuki Estilo: Flauting Bold Looks!

The Indian automobile market is most dominated by small segment cars. This is largely due to the fact, Indian buyers prefer buying small cars since they are low on cost, easy to maintain and very easy to park. Further small cars also give better fuel efficiency as compare to other segment of cars. Though small cars have demerits also but vastly the majority of car buyers prefer them.Considering this major demand, Maruti Suzuki has come up with the revamped and refined version of Zen Estilo. The new Estio delivers immense benefits to the customers and provides unmatched car driving experience to its passengers.

Zen Estilo is better than any other car in A2 segment since it provide fuel efficiency of 19Kmpl which other car companies can only dream to provide. Maruti Estilo comes with KB10 engine which has three cylinders at its heart along with a displacement of 998cc. The car churns out a power of 67Ps at the rate of 6700rpm and a torque of 90Nm at the rate of 3500rpm. Suzuki Estilo runs smoothly on the road and provides the full pleasure of driving. Maruti Estilo flaunts bold looks from outside and a very superior and classy look from inside.

The new designed head lights, new designed hood along with rear bumpers and sculpted fog lamps, makes the car look very attractive from the exteriors. Not only from the outside, the car gives amazing feeling of comfort and convenience from inside as well. The two tone color theme makes the car look very ravishing and thus give a very plush feeling. Zen Estilo comes with three variant options namely Lx, Lxi and Vxi. The Lx and Lxi are basic model with some basic and advanced features while Vxi is the top most model that has most advanced features in it.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Maruti Suzuki Estilo: Vibrant 'N' Vivacious!

Maruti Suzuki Estilo is the new vibrant, vivacious and uniquely stylized car in town. The car has been made especially to target the young Indian market and families. Maruti Suzuki Estilo comes with compact looks and bold design, which appeals to today’s youngsters. The car looks very ravishing in its new avatar and with changes in wept-back headlamps, dynamic front and rear bumpers, sculpted fog lamp surrounds, it exudes a very charismatic charm.

What’s deserves to be mentioned is the rich chrome detailing that has been given in the grille. It adds premium feel to the overall looks of the car. The word “Estilo” itself means style and so does the exudes from its every portion. Maruti Suzuki Estilo has been given a very plush two tone color theme which leaves a very soothing effect on mind. The soft and durable seats add up to the sophisticated interiors of the car. The center console, instrument cluster, steering wheel, AC louvers and gear knobs have been given a bright new silver accent, which looks very dazzling. The car further comes in different exciting color options to choose from such as bright red, sunlight copper, Midnight black, Silky silver, superior white, Ecru Beige, Dusky Brown.

Maruti Suzuki Estilo perfectly meets the needs and demands of new Indian generation. The company understands the psyche of a car buyer hence it always offers product that add value to their lives. Zen Estilo not only looks great but also functions well enabling a smooth drive for its passengers. The car comes with efficient transmission system along with a new breed of KB series engine which results in better fuel efficiency and better performance for the car. The car delivers a great fuel efficiency of 19Kmpl which works wonder for those travel by car on a daily basis.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Maruti Suzuki Estilo: A Big Hit!

Maruti Suzuki Estilo has become a big hit in the Indian automobile market. The car has been selling like hot cakes and the company is already making huge profits. Endowed with stylish looks and a very vivacious character, Suzuki Estilo is largely appealing to youngsters and also the urban families of India. The earlier model of Zen didn’t work well the customers hence it was discontinued from production. However, Maruti Suzuki revamped and re-designed its Zen Estilo and launched it into market, only to make it a huge success. With its refreshing avatar, it has become a magnanimous hit and winning the hearts of many customers. Within a very short span of time, the car has managed to achieve a strong road presence and has received great review from all around.

Estilo adorns with many unique features such as competent break system that offers fine control on any kind of driving conditions, iCAT that protects the car from any kind of security threats and 5 speed manual transmission to name a few. The car delivers a mileage of 19Kmpl and power of 67Ps along with a higher torque of 90Nm. It has got very funky interiors along with rich two tone color theme. The silver accent on the center console gives a very dazzling effect. Estilo offers an excellent performance with a perfect blend of style and finesse. The car also offers a mix of some basic and advanced security features like Side airbags for the driver, Side door beams, High mount stop lamp, Child Lock system, Front wipers, Rear door defogger, Front and rear fog lamps, Steering Locks, etc.

Suzuki Estilo, the mini wonder car, comes at a very decent price and offers three exciting variant options namely Lx, Lxi and Vxi. The cool color options offered by car are Brilliant Yellow, Sparkling Olive, Virgin Blue, Champagne Beige, Pearl Silver, Bright Red, White and Midnight Black.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Maruti Suzuki Estilo: Pleasurable Experience

Maruti Suzuki Estilo offers a complete pleasurable experience and leaves all the occupants with a fresh and “come alive” feeling. Equipped with the most modern and advanced features, it is a very engaging car to drive. The car offers following features such as power steering, power controls, body-coloured bumper, tachometer, remote keyless entry, power rear door opener, electric mirror adjuster and rear door defogger. The new Estilo is a smart, elegant and contemporary car. It comes with five door options along seat five people with ease. It also offers great legroom, head room and hip room to all the occupants of the car. It seems like while creating and designing Estilo, Maruti made sure that all the requirements of the people gets noticed and fulfilled.

The car is already a huge hit among the youngsters and is also attracting everyone in the country. The car shows off the newly added K series engine which gives maximum power, torque and mileage. It is one of the perfect cars to own. The all New Estilo has an advanced 998cc K-Series engine that generates the maximum power of 68 Bhp at 6200 rpm with maximum torque of 90 Nm at 3500 rpm. The car provides a great pickup and a mileage of 18.2 Kmpl. The new technology engine in the car has all together raised the standard of the car in whole A2 segment. The engine has a very light weight aluminum construction and also complies with BS III norms of emission.

The car is potentially very strong to make its present felt among the other cars. Estilo can rule the whole automobile industry. The car is already a huge hit among the youngsters and is also attracting everyone in the society. The car shows off the newly added K series engine which gives maximum power, torque and mileage. It is one of the perfect cars to own.